What an opening month.....!


A very big thank you to all the supporters who have given generously over the past month. Including our offline donations, we have now hit £10,125.....we're more than 10% of the way there!! 

In a week's time we will be sending back some updates from Shree Shikha School so that we can hear from the staff and students of Myagdi about how the school rebuild will improve their lives.

Please continue to spread the word and send in your donations to Ed and Siddhanta's page at  Justgiving

Or, why not setup a fundraiser of your own to help the cause? If you're planning a sponsored run, bake-sale, or charity drive then you can always setup your own justgiving page, select the Gurkha Welfare Trust as your nominated charity and highlight in your justgiving page that the proceeds are intended for 'A School for Ed and Siddhanta' (Please also inform us at edandsiddhanta@gmail.com ). This will ensure that the donations are dedicated to Ed and Siddhanta's school-build project.

Send in your photos of your fundraising efforts and we'll place them online.

Happy Fundraising!


Let the Fundraising begin...

I am pleased to announce that fundraising for 'A School for Ed and Siddhanta' is now up and running. The project aims to raise £98,000 for a school-build project in Nepal, in Ed and Siddhanta's name. 

Over the coming weeks and months there will be routine updates on the many fundraising efforts, as well as news from Shree Shikha School in Myagdi - where the staff and students will be kept abreast of the support they are receiving from the many fundraisers worldwide. Please feel free to send in any photos and updates of fundraising events and ideas as they come up to edandsiddhanta@gmail.com.

This is a great cause in the name of two very special men.

Happy fundraising!